The Challenge:

To automatically maintain the level of fuel between two set points

  • Is the level of fuel so low that it is affecting the productivity of your system?
  • Is the level of fuel at potentially dangerous levels?
  • At what level must the fuel be maintained in order to ensure your system maximum efficiency?

How it works:

This application of an iLoad Digital load cell coupled with a DS-3000 enables you to completely automate the stability of fuel levels in a tank. All the user has to do is set two range points for the fuel level, and the controller will ensure that the range is sustained. The setup eliminates the previous dependence on an external computer; however, the user can still use the optional USB uplink and LoadVUE software to log and plot data for further analysis.


load cell downloads


load cell downloads


Using one iLoad Series load cell and a DS-3000 Display, the user is able to easily create an automated level sensing solution at a very reasonable cost.

Parts Used:
  • 1 DS-3000 Display and Controller
  • iLoad Digital USB 500lb
Total time to setup
  • 30 minutes