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Mouse or Touchpad Problems when a sensor is connected to a PC via USB

Sometimes when you plug in a USB or wireless sensor in to your PC, the mouse seems to go crazy! it will start moving around and open up various menu options etc.

This might be happening because the sensor's output is being mistaken to be a mouse input by the PC.

In order to fix this problem, disconnect the sensor(s) from the PC. The problem should go away. Then you'll need to edit the Windows Registry. 

The registry is a very very sensitive and important file that controls how the PC functions. You must not mess with this file unless you are comfortable with it.  We advise you to get help from an experienced PC or IT administrator and do this very very deliberately.

From Windows Start button, run: RegEdit

This will open up the Registry Editor.

Find the following setting:

Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\sermouse  
Key: Start  
Value: 3

Doubleclick on the word Start to open a window that will let you change this value.  Change Value to 4 and exit REgedit.

We have not had to to Reboot the PC to have this take effect.

This should stop this problem from occurring.

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