Digital load cells used for measuring thrust forces acting on Hovercraft

Michael Mercier has been crazy about hovercrafts since he was a little boy.  Protoytping and building model after model of increasing sophistication from high school through college he refined his knowledge and skills for over a decade.

Finally as a young man, he decided to convert his passion into a profession by deciding to start a company to produce a commercially viable hovercraft that could run on water as well as on the streets!

When he needed to measure the thrust generated by his revolutionary new propulsion system and the forces acting on a hovercraft, he reached out to Loadstar Sensors which provides revolutionary digital force measurement products that can be used to capture force information easily on a PC.  The S-Beam USB Load Cell Kit he selected came with all the items needed to quickly be up and running - including the RAS1 S-Beam Load cell, matching eye bolts to fasten the load cell to the test rigs, the 24-bit DI-1000U USB Load Cell Interface and the LV-1000 LoadVUE Pro software.

S-Beam USB Load Cell Kit

Loadstar Sensors is delighted to work with entrepreneurs and inventors who wish to use our products and services to bring great new products to life!

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