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DS-3000U Load Cell Display and Controller

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load cell highlights

Supports up to 4 load cells

  • iLoad Series
  • iLoad Pro Series
  • iLoad TR Series
  • iLoad Mini Series with DQ-1000
  • Also works with any resistive load cell attached to a DI-1000U or DI-100U load cell interface
  • View individual and/or total loads
  • Two built-in programmable relays
  • Log/Plot using LoadVUE software

4-Digit LED Display

  • 0.56 inch tall for easy readability
  • Display resolution 0.01 - 999.9

Display Units

  • kg, lb, Newton

Data Throughput

  • 10 displayed readings/second for all four channels
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This product is has been discontinued and has been replaced by the DS-3000-Pro Touch Screen Display. Please take a look at that device and if you need to control something, please use the USB relays with a Tablet or Notebook PC and ControlVUE software to do so.
We recommend that you use a Windows Tablet or a Netbook or a Windows All-In-One-PC running LoadVUE or SensorVUE or ControlVUE software. The relay functionality of the DS-3000 can be implemented using our USB relays. We offer relays with 1, 2 or 8 channels.
Please check the following video for a demonstration of SensorVUE software running on a Windows Tablet to read force values from a load cell.
The DS-3000 Four-Channel LED Display is an integrated device incorporating a load cell display, and a controller combined in one single unit. It allows users to connect up to four of our iLoad Series load cells and view individual and/or total loads in three different units: Kilograms, Pounds and Newtons. A user can also interface with a PC via USB uplink.

Built in relays allow users to activate relays based on load limits in order to control up to 2 external devices.  For e.g. a user can turn on a valve or an audible alert when a certain load level is reached.  Users can be build many stand-alone control systems such as a fill-and-pack station by weight, emergency safety switch, conveyor belt system for quality control, automated shipping and labeling systems by weight etc.

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Sample Application: Level Sensor Built Using DS-3000

A user needs to keep the level of heating fuel in a tank within certain limits in order to ensure a steady supply of fuel to the heating system. The user can create a tank scale using iLoad Series sensors which senses the level of fuel based on the total amount of weight. When the weight falls below a certain level (Set Point 1) the control valve is turned on via the optional relay built into the DS-3000. When the weight exceeds Set Point 2, the control valve is automatically turned off.

By using iLoad Series sensor and a DS-3000 Display the user is able to easily create a level sensing solution very cost effectively. The user can view weight data on the built in LED display as well as log and plot the information on a PC using the optional LoadVUE software.

load cell application