The Challenge

To measure and characterize the bite forces applied by a patient:

  • How hard can a patient bite?
  • How does the bite force measured vary at various locations within the mouth?
  • Is the bite force within normal range of forces applied by people in that age group?
  • Is the ability to eat/chew/bite improving with time after therapy or surgery?

No good solution is currently available in the marketplace. Researchers, doctors, and dentists are looking for a reasonably priced solution to perform such measurements.

Bite Force Sensor Application



SensorVUE Software for Displaying Bite Forces


The software allows a user to change units, change log time intervals, shows Peak and Low forces measured during the test and can generate an audible alert when a certain minimum or maximum load is exceeded.

Learn more - Load Cell


A complete force measurement kit that includes the bite force sensor, DI-1000U USB or DI-1000ZP wireless interface and LV-1000 software fully to display, log and plot data on Tablet or PC.


Parts Used:

  • BFS-100M-S Bit force sensor with a maximum height of approx 10 mm
    (220 lb capacity with +/- 1 lbs accuracy)
  • DI-1000U USB Interface or DI-1000ZP Wireless Interface with rechargeable battery
  • LV-1000 Software

Total time to setup

  • 5 minutes