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LoadVUE CG - Center of gravity

The LoadVUE CG software provides a convenient Windows XP/Vista compatible solution for computing the Center of Gravity of loads placed on a platform in real time. The platform is built using four iLoad Series load sensors with USB outputs at each corner and are connected to a PC through a USB hub.

USB and Wireless Scales to Compute Center of Gravity

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The iWeigh Pro Center of Gravity digital scale makes it easy to estimate the Center of Gravity of an object simply by placing it on our digital USB scale. The LV-4000CG software displays and can log the individual corner weights from each of the four load cells as well as the Center Of Gravity computed using those weights and the distances between the four load cells.

Digital Scale with USB Output Digital Scale with USB Output Load cells for Digital Scales
  • Molded Aluminum Framing for Rigidity
  • Acrylic Surface Platform
  • Etched Grid on Surface for locating CG 
  • Comes fully assembled & ready to use
  • Comes with LV-4000CG Software
  • Display, Log & Plot Individual Weights & CG
  • RSB3 Load Cells with threaded studs
  • Leveling Feet to level surface
  • DI-100U USB Interfaces with USB Hub


The scale is built using four RSB3 load cells installed at the four corners of a platform built using molded aluminum framing, four DI-100Us, and one four port USB Hub.  The max update rate from the 16-bit resolution DI-100Us is 40 Hz.  But if needed, we can provide a max data update of up to 240 Hz using the DI-100UHS USB Load Cell Interfaces or up to 500 Hz using the 24-bit version of the USB Load Cell Interface DI-1000UHS.

 The location of the center of gravity is calculated using the simple formula:

 X = (W1*X1 + W2*X2 + W3*X3 + W4*X4)/(W1+W2+W3+W4)


Y = (W1*Y1 + W2*Y2 + W3*Y3 + W4*Y4)/(W1+W2+W3+W4)

One can compute the CG of an object in 3D by calculating the CG in two dimensions first and then tilting the platform by a known angle and then measuring the new CG again and figuring out the CG in 3D using transformations.  We do not offer a 3D solution yet as a standard product but could offer a solution to interested customers in the future. Please contact us for your custom CG scale needs.




Digital Center of Gravity Scale to track golf swings


The Center of Gravity scale can be used to compute the static CGs of various parts in two dimensions.  But it can also be used to build scales to monitor  the dynamic change of the CG in real time in order to study the weight and balance distribution of human beings or monitor the activity of animals.  The data update rate is about 40 Hz from each individual load cell, but we can offer upgraded data rates of 240 Hz, 500 Hz or even higher if needed.  Please contact us for your custom CG scale needs.

The video below shows you how to assemble the CG scale you have received.

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C-Compression, T-Tension, U-Universal
SKU Capacity Size Output Interface Software Platform Price Quantity
iWeigh-24x24-400R 400 lb (100 lb each corner) 24" x 24" USB (VCOM) 4 x DI-100U LV-4000CG Aluminum with Acrylic Top Please Login to See Prices