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Boxer Training Kit

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The boxing training solution includes a 15"x18" force plate that can measure the forces applied by a boxer and transmit it via USB to a PC.  You can setup a large screen monitor to display the measured values to the boxer and provide active feedback to him or her during the training session.



Boxer Traning Kit with Force PlatePunch Force Sensor for Boxing Training


The software can not only display the value of the force of the punch but can also monitor the frequency of punches during a user selected period of time.  The screen looks like this:

LoadVUE for Boxing Main Screen


Just connect the load cell to the USB port of a PC, start LV-1000 Boxer Training Software and start measuring!  You can display the force data in a number of different units, log the data to a comma separated file at different time intervals and plot the data as a Force vs. time plot with peak/low values shown.  All this at a very attractive price!

We can customize the software to provide unique and value-added information to users for a small customization fee.  We are actively seeking partners, distributors and potential users who can work with us and help us to offer a compelling product to various types of potential users.  Please contact if you are interested in partrnering with us for this or other solutions.

Product Details
C-Compression, T-Tension, U-Universal
SKU Capacity Software Calibration Logging/Plotting Accessories Price Quantity
BTK-1650 1650 lb. SensorVUE-Boxing Included Yes 15" x 18" Pad Please Login to See Prices