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Miniature Digital Bite Force Sensor

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iBite - Bite Force Sensor

World's First Digital Bite Force Sensor


Bite Force Sensor Configuration with USB


iBite Force Sensor allows a physician to measure bite forces that a patient can apply.

This tool can be used to study the progress made by a patient following surgery or dental procedure. The solution is available in two configurations - wired USB or wireless as shown below.  

USB ConfigurationBite Force Sensor Configuration with USB

Wireless Configuration

Bite Force Sensor Configuration Wireless





The bite force sensor solution comes fully calibrated and ready to use out of the box. 

And it comes with a calibration certificate good for one year.

Plus a 30 day money back guarantee.





Bite Force Sensor Application



Sensor Details


The sensor is just 5/8 inch high and 6 inches long. This makes it easy for a patient to hold it in their hand, insert it in the mouth and apply pressure when instructed by the physician.

Interface Details


The DI-1000 Interface device allows the sensor to be used in either USB mode or in wireless mode. It appears as a COM port on a Windows, Mac or Unix computer. The DI-1000U regulates the power supplied to the sensor, amplifies the signal and digitizes the signal. Finally it formats the data into the USB or Wireless protocol to facilitate communications with a computing device. The wireless version is available in XBee, WiFi or BLE modes.



     USB and Wireless Load Cell Interface         





Load Vue Pro Software




Software Details


The LV-1000 LoadVUE Pro software allows data to be displayed, logged to a Comma Separated File (CSV) and plotted on screen.

Users can write their own code in any language such as C, C++, Java, Python etc. or using popular tools such as Matlab or LabView. 

Product Details
C-Compression, T-Tension, U-Universal
SKU Capacity Material Accuracy Calibration Software Logging/Plotting Price Quantity
BFS-100M-DI1000U-LV1000 220 lb. Stainless Steel 1% C LV-1000 Yes Please Login to See Prices
BFS-100M-DI1000ZP-LV1000 220 lb. Stainless Steel 1% C LV-1000 Yes Please Login to See Prices