Drivers & Serial Port Terminal Programs


Download and install the latest drivers from (Scroll down to locate the appropriate drivers for your operating system.)

All Loadstar Sensors' interface devices use an FTDI serial-port-to-USB device to communicate with the computer through a virtual serial port. The various flavors of Loadstar Sensors' software, when installed, also install the above drivers needed for this communication.

If however you need to install the drivers on your own (you are using the device on a Linux or Mac, or writing your own software), then download and install the latest drivers the link above.

Serial Port Terminal Programs

A serial port terminal program is needed and can be used to communicate with the Loadstar Sensors' devices.

In addition several free and/or open source serial port terminal programs are available for download on the internet. Some of them are:

Operating Parameters

All Loadstar Sensors' devices operate with the following settings: