How to set Latency Timer settings for virtual COM ports

For faster response from Loadstar Devices using virtual COM (serial) ports, you should change the COM port settings as shown below. Once the settings have been changed, they should persist between plugins and restarts. However if you move the hardware to a different computer, you will need to change the settings again in the new computer.

Note: These are Windows settings, they are not stored in the hardware. The settings are also specific to a particular COM port and need be set separately for each COM port.

Open the COM port in the Device Manager

The easiest way to do this in Windows is to simply search for 'Device Manager'. You can also find it by going to the Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound, under Devices and Printers select 'Device Manager'.

Next, expand the 'Ports(COM & LPT) list as shown below. Right click 'USB Serial Port(COMx)', and select properties.

Make sure the device is plugged in, otherwise it will not show up in the device manager.

Open the Advanced Port Settings

Once you have the Properties window up, click on the Port Settings tab, shown below.

Change the USB Adapter Latency Timer and Byte Size Settings

Change the latency timer setting to 1 msec (the lowest) and byte size settings to 4096 (or higher). Then OK to save.