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Digital Pressure Sensors with USB or Wireless Output

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load cell highlights
  • Accuracies to +/- 1% full scale
  • Pressure sensors available from 5 psi (.34 bar) to 50 psi (21 bar)
  • Rugged solid state design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • High stability, low drift
  • IP-65 protection
  • USB output with DI-1000U interfaces
  • Wireless output with DI-1000ZP includes rechargeable battery

imPress Pressure Sensor


These pressure sensors use a 4 wire input-output configuration and typically provide a full scale output of 50 mV for a 5 V input.

These pressure sensors can be combined with our DI-1000 24-bit Digital Interface to get either USB or Wireless output directly on your PC using our SensorVUE software.
The pressure sensors are made by a partner and are supplied with a mV/V rating.  When used with our DI-1000U, DI-1000ZP or DI-1000WiFi interfaces, we enter the mV/V values into the digital interfaces to provide a nominal reading.  These sensors may need to be calibrated properly by a third party calibration house in order to get NIST/ISO conforming certificates.

Pressure Sensor - USB Configuration

imPress USB Pressure Sensor Kit


  • One imPress pressure sensor
  • One DI-1000U 24-bit digital load cell interface
  • SensorVUE software
  Pressure Sensor Kit

Pressure Sensor - Wireless Configuration

imPress Wireless Pressure Sensor Kit


  • One imPress pressure sensor
  • One DI-1000ZP wireless digital load cell interface
  • SensorVUE software
  Pressure Sensor Kit

SensorVUE Software

Our SensorVUE PC software allows you to mix and match different kinds of sensors and display, log and plot all of them within a single interface. At the present time it can handle force, pressure and pressure sensors as shown below.

 SensorVUE for Pressure Sensors_

Application Development

If you are looking to develop your own custom software application, our digital USB wired and wireless pressure sensor interfaces offer convenient ASCII commands to obtain pressure information directly from the sensors without need for any signal conditioning or data processing.

With just a few commands you'll be able to incorporate pressure information into your application.

You can use Visual Basic, Visual C++, Matlab, LABView or any other application development environment to create your custom applications with our pressure sensor interfaces.

Digital Wired Load Cell Interfaces
Once you've picked a load cell and max capacity, please select a wired digital or analog interface device if needed. We offer digital interfaces with Serial TTL/USB Output.

SKUADC BitsMax Data Rate (/sec)Output Price Quantity
DI-1000U-5V2480USB (VCOM)Please Login to See Prices
DI-1000U2480USB (VCOM)Please Login to See Prices
DI-1000UHS-1K241200USB (VCOM)Please Login to See Prices
DI-1000UHS24500USB (VCOM)Please Login to See Prices
DI-100U1640Serial TTL/USBPlease Login to See Prices
DI-100UHS16275Serial TTL/USBPlease Login to See Prices
DI-400U1640USB (VCOM)Please Login to See Prices
DS-3000U-10USB (VCOM)Please Login to See Prices
RD-100016--Please Login to See Prices

Digital Wireless Load Cell Interfaces
Once you've picked a load cell and max capacity, please select a wireless interface device if needed. Some of the devices have optional rechargeable battery power.

SKUADC BitsMax Data Rate (/sec)Output Price Quantity
DI-1000ZP2416IEEE 802.15.4Please Login to See Prices
DI-1000ZP-5V2416IEEE 802.15.4Please Login to See Prices
DI-1000ZP-WiFi241WiFiPlease Login to See Prices
DI-1000ZP-WiFi-5V241USB (VCOM)Please Login to See Prices

Pressure Sensor Software
SensorVUE software can be used to interface with single or multiple load cells, displacement, pressure, torque and temperature sensors and also can be used to control external devices like USB relays.

SKUDescriptionChannelsLoggingPlottingRelaySpeed Price Quantity
ControlVUEControlVUE Multi-Channel Multi-Sensor Software with Relay ControlUnlimitedYesYesYesHighPlease Login to See Prices
SensorVUESensorVUE Multi-Channel Multi-Sensor SoftwareUnlimitedYesYesNoHighPlease Login to See Prices

Expedited Processing Options
Normal lead time for shipping orders is approx. one week after receipt of order via Fedex 3 Day service for US orders. If you want expedited processing of your order, please select one of the options below. Note: Fee is per item.

SKUDescription Price Quantity
EXP-01Expedite Fee - Ship Within 3 Business Days via Fedex 2 Day DeliveryPlease Login to See Prices
EXP-02Expedite Fee - Ship Within 1 Business Day via Fedex Standard OvernightPlease Login to See Prices